Monday, May 18, 2009

When Metal and Tissue Meet

So I was moutnain biking in the backwoods of colorada' and...

I was going off this big cliff for real and I had done it like two minutes before but I was still real scared so when I landed I didn't make the sharp turn left and my bike went into a rock. I had put the bike in front of me to go off this cliff so when it stopped, my body went into the back of the bike which was all fine and great except that metal is harder than fat so the lever went through the medial side of my thigh . I looked down and saw my bright yellow fat and a white thing coming out of my leg and was like oh shit that should hurt but it doesnt really I must be in shock. and then I thought, I wonder if I can still go off that jump at the bottom (I couldn't).

so then I had to ride all the way down the effing mountain to our campsite. Rachel was sleeping so we woke her up and then rode even farther down to where the truck was then drove 35 minutes which seemed like forever to the hospital. I was like, can I have some pain medecine and some stiches but not a lot because I don't have health insurance so please give me the cheap stuff. they were like , 'you should never put a tournaquit (sp**) around your leg like that' a big bruise had formed where we wrapped the belt around my leg.

so then they sewed me up and Rachel's boyfriend bought me a sandwich with bacon and I ate it and went to sleep.

Very exciting but now I cant ride so I am spending lots of time taking apart my bike and putting it back together and checking out Fort Collins and doing what normal people do who dont ride their bikes all day.

Turns out the lever just ate through my layer of fat (thank god I am a girl with adipose tissue on my thigh) but didnt go through the fascia of the muscle.

so that is that. Hope all is well Rose

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Anonymous said...

wow.. i just knew you were up to something. i havent checked your blog for a while for it was kinda dormant. but whoa what a story. thankfully you are okay. lucky you didnt hit head first. oh rose.. there is nothing that will stop you. keep on doing whatever it takes but for christ sakes cant you be a little bit more careful? love you like..a girl with a lot of thigh meat.