Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Update: January 7th

Hello all,
I Hope the New Year has found you well. I am determined to get back to racing now, no matter how hard it is. I kind of forgot that feeling of stepping off the pavement onto your pedals. It is kind of like flying. I went to Florida and as anxious as I was to ski, I was even more eager to ride my bike. Man, and as sweet as riding is racing is where it's at. I used to not even understand people who didn't race. It is nice to take a step back but right now I am going to concentrate on getting better at biking fast. Cheers,

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Anonymous said...

Finally!!! I have been waiting and waiting for you to get off your butt from vacation and start up again. You know where its at just need to fly. Keep us all posted. Good or Bad. love you like.. pow pow in Utah. we are going. check in